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511 Terminals with an MTPQ

Benefits of MTIS

MTIS is a strictly voluntary programme, run by OCIMF for the benefit of its members and to protect the marine environment.

This programme includes the development of a consolidated safety system embracing the physical properties of the terminals, management systems and operator training.

OCIMF’s trusted, neutral and fully independent status within the global industry is essential to capturing and sharing information and best practice aimed at raising standards of safety and environmental protection.

Members’ commitment to transparency and willingness to exchange technical knowledge and practical experience will drive a number of benefits from the OCIMF Marine Terminal Information System, which include:

  • Higher safety standards, which will lead to fewer incidents – which in turn will feed back over time into lower insurance costs
  • Improved operational efficiency through better matching of terminals and ships
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency, with better dissemination of terminal Information
  • A rigorous, self-assessment and review based approach to the continuous improvement of safety management
  • Better trained and motivated staff
  • A secure process that is owned and managed by the terminal operators who retain full control over their data.

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Recent Terminals

Mina Al Ahmadi LNG TerminalSPT Marine services Ltd.02 Mar 2015
Marcus Hook Industrial ComplexMarcus Hook Industrial Complex24 Feb 2015
Purfleet Fuels TerminalEsso / ExxonMobil23 Feb 2015
SABTANK Solid QuaySABIC Terminal Services Company Limited09 Feb 2015
SABTANK PCQ-2SABIC Terminal Services Company Limited09 Feb 2015
SABTANK PCQ-1SABIC Terminal Services Company Limited09 Feb 2015
Prigorodnoye Export TerminalSakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd05 Feb 2015
NLNG Bonny TerminalNigerian LNG Bonny Terminal30 Jan 2015
Lumut LNG TerminalBrunei LNG16 Jan 2015
Motiva Port Arthur Dock 6Motiva Port Arthur29 Dec 2014

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