How do I register for an MTIS account?

Please click this link, and select the appropriate account type.

What type of MTIS account should I register for?

If you are have one or more terminals that you wish to register within the MTIS website, then you should select the Terminal Operator account.

If you are anything other than a Terminal Operator, please register for an MTIS Recipient account.

What are the differences between the two types of account?

The Terminal Operator type account is for organisations who wish to register their terminal data within the MTIS database, to facilitate easier sharing with other relevant organisations who may have a requirement to view the terminal specific information.

MTIS recipient type accounts are for those organisations who have a requirement to view the terminal details – this could include oil companies, shipping agents, shipping companies, charterers, vetting departments and port authorities.

My organisation has a number of oil terminals, but we don’t want to have a separate account for each one – what do we do?

Please register for a terminal operator account, and then email to advise them of your situation. We can then turn on a feature called "structure builder" which will allow you to add all of your terminals within one account.

If I use structure builder, can staff at one terminal make changes to the data at another terminal?

No, not if you have used the structure builder tool to define each of your organisations terminals within one account – each terminal is defined as an individual unit within the main account, and staff that are added in to each terminal only have access to that terminal, not to anything else.

My organisation is a Terminal Operator; however we still have a requirement to access terminal data for other organisations – should we have two accounts?

You do not need to register two types of accounts – terminal operators are able to view reports uploaded by other terminals, unless they explicitly deny access.

Are there any charges associated with the MTIS database?

At the present time, there are no charges – either to register, or to download the reports available within the system.

What kind of information is available within the MTIS database?

Terminal Operators can create two kinds of reports, which are then available for MTIS Recipients to download as and when they are required.

Marine Terminal Particulars Questionnaire (MTPQ) – this is a comprehensive report that includes all of the facts and figures of a particular terminal, such as hardware available, berth measurements, transfer rates etc. This information can be used alongside SIRE vessel data to enable vessel programmers, schedules, operators etc to be able to better assess the compatibility of ships and terminals, and ensure safer operation and environmental protection.

Marine Terminal Management & Self-Assessment (MTMSA) – this is a revised and more up to date version of the long running OCIMF Baseline Criteria publication, which has been revised, updated and improved to make it consistent with the existing and well known Tanker Management and Self-Assessment, which is used by some 90% of tanker operators, and all the oil majors. This provides the best practice and key performance indicators against which terminal operators can assess the effectiveness of their management systems for berth operations and the ship to shore interface.

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